U.S. Federation Provides The Best Value Training Experiences Anywhere

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Frank Bonsignore Ground Kicking

Frank Bonsignore Sa Bom Nim Ground Kicking

The U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation's Instructors and Officials provides members with training opportunities and event experiences that are absolutely the highest value per dollar offered anywhere.

Today I received an email announcement from another martial art organization for their SINGLE DAY seminar that does NOT include food or lodging and it is $349.

Is the Moment With The Masters Weekend a good value at $393 for THREE DAYS of seminars INCLUDING all food and lodging?

Region 2's Guardians of the Art 2 full day of seminars scheduled for Nov 3 in Springfield, NJ are priced at the RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICE OF $79 for the whole day.

Participating in the Guardians 2 Seminar series on Nov 3rd or the Moment With The Masters on Nov 9th will be the best and most economical investment you can make in your training in November and you will be helping Region 2 achieve its fundraising goal.

Signup for either today!


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