I Can’t Bid For The National Festival Destination Right Now Because I Have Commitment Issues

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iStock_000014861801SmallI can't bid for the National Festival destination right now because I have commitment issues. Heck, this year isn't even over, things in my life are uncertain and my schedule is hectic and always changing, plus I am broke and have no money, so how can I possibly be expected to place a bid right now for a future National Festival destination when I do not even know for sure when the event will be or where it will be!?  And on top of all that I am a Gup and I heard Gups can't even attend.


Totally understandable concerns and it just so happens that the Federation's win-win-win bidding policy was crafted with your circumstances in mind!

Money back guarantee

Any bid amount that you make is essentially a fully refundable deposit toward your National Festival registration fees.

If you get buyer's remorse right after placing your bid and your commitment-a-phobia really starts acting up, no problem, you are totally protected and you can request a full refund of your original bid amount at any time during the redemption period defined by the Federation.

AND if you have no money but want to attend the National Festival, then you should read this and then bid.

AND if you are a Gup who thinks you cannot attend the National Festival, then you should read this and then bid.

iStock_000019754161LargeAND you can apply your bid amount PLUS the 25% additional credit that you get just for placing a bid, toward any other Federation fees, dues, purchases, subscriptions, etc. during the redemption period defined by the Federation.

There is nothing to fear about expressing your financial support for the exciting National Festival that you “think” that you “might” just “possibly” “may” “think about” attending, but are not sure just yet.

Broken linkIn fact, you get a 25% bonus today when you can look your commitment-a-phobia right in the eye and click that bid button without hesitation! 🙂

Join your fellow members who are doing just that!

HOWEVER, know that should your commitment-a-phobia defeat you in this moment and thus prevent you from taking personal action and placing your bid before bidding closes…. Weeeeeeeellll then later on when the Festival date draws near and you finally muster up the desire to attend…… then sadly you will pay 25% more to attend than if you had summoned your brave energy and placed your bid today.

Bid in Internet

Sooooooooo can we assume that given all these wonderful terms and protections, that if you do not bid now, then that means that we will definitely NOT be welcoming you at the National Festival ? 🙁

Be brave. And be there! 🙂

Bid today!

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