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For Parents

Member Manual

Reading Time: < 1 minute Our National Organization’s Member Manual For Scranton Soo Bahk Do Students

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How Has Learning Changed For Today’s Youth

The Tribes Trail

Reading Time: 2 minutes Master Mary Ann Walsh respected the well known educator Jeanne Gibbs who espouses that today’s learning environment is much different and far more multi-faceted than in the past due in part to today’s information technology.

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How Can I Get My Teenager To Resume Soo Bahk Do Training?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Q: My teenager (daughter) is a Dan (black belt), but has lost interest in training. How can I inspire her to resume training in Soo Bahk Do® Moo Duk Kwan®? A:  The decision to train needs to be hers and parental pressure can be less effective with teenagers than it may be with very young…

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